For GGSIP University five-year law students, writing a 100-page dissertation within three months while interning in tenth semester is a humongous challenge. An Internship can turn into a job offer. Asking for leaves to work on the dissertation is not a viable option.

The biggest challenge that the students face is time management. Many defer working on their dissertation until late February. By March, they realise it is almost impossible to finish it in a month. They feel anxious and stressed. And then, they look for “paid” dissertations or copy and paste. Both options are unethical.

To avoid last-minute panic attacks, a student must plan her time well. Here are some tips for students.


A work-plan is a must. It should allocate time for various tasks in advance. For example: one week for gathering sources, three weeks for literature review, four weeks for writing.

Without a work plan in place, a student is most likely to finish writing a day before submission. It means, no time for review and revision. Make sure, there is enough time allocated for formatting, review and revision, and binding.

Or plan backwards. Begin with allocating time for the submission process, binding, revision, review, formatting, proofreading, and so on. 

Schedule a daily slot

Work on the dissertation on a daily basis for the specified hours. 9-6 would be busy because of internship. Either get up early and work on it early morning or stay awake and work late at night.  

Make sure to treat this time-slot as sacrosanct. No other task or commitment except medical emergencies should have a higher priority. 

Prioritize tasks

Map out your weekly schedule and identify the most important tasks. Differentiate between low priority and high priority tasks. You can use colour-coding or a number of stars to indicate relative priority. For example, writing a chapter draft is a high priority task. Formatting is a low-priority task. 

Avoid social media

Mobile phone and social media are the biggest barriers to productivity. Switch off your phone or put it on silent mode during your dissertation work time. Never use social media on your computer.

Try to not touch your phone for two hours while you are working on your dissertation. 

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